What is an Escape Room? How does it work?

An Escape Room is an hour long immersive escape game. Up to six team members are locked in one of several rooms with distinct narrative themes and a deep exploration based story. The goal is to solve puzzles and unravel mysteries through finding clues hidden in the room.

Who Can Play?

The games are designed for adults and kids alike. Parents should use their discretion when bringing younger children to play as the experience is both immersive and challenging. The minimum age for each room differs. The minimum age for "The tomb" is 7 years old while our "Bunker" game requires 10 years of age or older, and there must be at least one participating adult (age 21+) for every two kids ages 7-16.

Will there be people I don't know on my team?

The rooms are challenging, and we don't believe it fair to not try and maximize your potential experience. A team with less then five members may gain new members.
There is always a chance you will not gain new members if no one else books the same slot as you. To ensure a private experience with only your friends is possible so long as your team books all six bookings in a given session.

When should I arrive at the event space?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled game time. There is a lovely room prior to the rooms where we will hold teams before locking them in. It is an expected courtesy of everyone for everyone to arrive at least on time for the best possible experience.

What if I am late? Will I be permitted to go inside?

Due to the immersive experience in each room being highly crafted and uniquely executed, arriving late may disrupt the game in session and the following games after. Our staff will use their discretion in handling late arrivals.

Can I reschedule a booking?

If circumstance forces you to reschedule your game, you must contact us 48 hours in advance of your booking, or there will be a service fee applied to a reschedule for your booking. Your new session will be booked wherever availability permits in our calendar of events.

What if I fail to attend my room session?

It is not fair to those attending the experience and we have a zero tolerance policy!
No reschedule is possible after the date of your booking.

Are cellphones, food, or beverages allowed inside the rooms?

Due to the nature of the rooms and the experience itself, we cannot allow any food or drinks in the event space. We also cannot allow anyone who is under the influence to enter the event space.
You may bring your cellphone, but we ask you to please turn it off to respect your team as a distracted team member is not a fun team member.

What about bags and cameras?

No photography of any kind is allowed in the space, and failure to follow this rule will result in your ejection from the experience.
We will take photos of teams who are successful inside the space to take home as trophies. A copy of your victory photo will be displayed within the event space with all of the other winning teams!
We offer, with no additional fee, a service to check bags and coats before entering the experience.

Am I going to be locked in a room?

Yes! It wouldn't be much fun if you weren't! Don't worry though, every game is monitored by audio and video surveillance discreetly. In case you need to leave the room during the game for any reason, there is an emergency exit button clearly marked within each room.
Should you choose to leave during the 60-minute time limit then the remainder of your group may continue until either the time runs out or they succeed in escaping. Certain extreme instances, such as medical emergency, may warrant a reschedule for early departures, but otherwise your session will be treated as complete upon your exit.

What If My Team Gets Stuck?

Our Clue Masters will be monitoring your experience every step of the way, and they are ready to assist you with hints and clues should your team feel stuck. You might not get the answers or guidance you want, but we feel our clue masters offer fair and even assistance so that everyone can enjoy the experience regardless of skill level.

What do I need to bring with me?

A current Photo ID and the credit card that was used to make the booking/reservation.

The room says up to 4 people, do I need 4 people to do the room?

No! There is no minimum number of participants required to do any of our rooms, but bookings of less then four may be paired with groups to make sure teams are full.

I am trying to make a reservation for a group, Do I need to pay for everyone using my credit card?

Not unless you want to! The bookings are such that each of the four slots per session may be individually paid for. We advise you to coordinate with your group about the reservation details. Share with them the room you'd like to escape, and a time and date to ensure that your entire group is booking the correct room.

Communication is key to victory!

All Sales are Final!


We are working on updating our technology. In the mean time our rooms would be temporarily closed for booking.

Please check our website for the updates of the reopening date!


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